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Empowering you to change

Welcome to
Catalyst Hypnotherapy

Since 2018 I have been working as a certified clinical hypnotherapist in the Athlone and

Galway area. Over the years I have been empowering people to change by freeing their

mind to work with them rather than against them.

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My specialities are

Stress & anxiety


Weight Loss

Other areas I work with...



Persistent Pain

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Hi, I'm Cécile!

Cecile Jacquot, hypnotherapist in Athlone and Oranmore, Ireland

I have been empowering people to change since 2014, when I started my career in the fitness industry. As a personal trainer and athletic therapist I spent many years looking for ways to help my clients bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

When I first heard about Hypnotherapy I remember feeling quite skeptical, but at the time it felt like my last chance. At the time, I had been experiencing an overwhelming fear of flying for the past few years, and it was getting to the point that I was postponing journeys back home to see my family. In just a few sessions I was able to get through my flight without panic attacks, picturing turbulence as “bumps on the road”. My mind had truly done a 360!

I became a certified clinical hypnotherapist in 2018, and quickly specialised in hypnotherapy for weight loss and stress/anxiety. This developed very naturally from my own struggle with body image and anxiety, and my long journey back to health and well-being. I did not know about hypnotherapy at the time: I want to offer my clients that chance.

My interest in Hypnobirthing came later on, when one of my closest friends became pregnant and asked me to help her prepare her mind for childbirth. I had heard about Katherine Graves' hypnobirthing course and being taught by her was a wonderful and truly enlightening experience. Since then, I have helped many couples enjoy the bestbirth experience possible. The baby pictures are the best part!

About Cecile
"I have had three sessions of hypnotherapy with Cécile. I am new to this kind of therapy, and after a consultation with Cécile, I felt reassured, and decided to try it to resolve some anxiety issues I had. Cécile's approach is friendly and caring, and I allowed myself to be hypnotised...actually, it seemed like I was simply listening to an hour of positive affirmations, while soft music played in the background. After the three sessions, I found I had more confidence, and less anxiety, and was much calmer in social situations where previously, I would be anxious. I'm hoping to have a few more sessions with Cécile, and recommend her to anyone trying to make changes in their lives."

- John

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