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Free your mind and body from anxiety and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest !

Is your mind stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy to the fullest and leaving you worried about:

  • What may or may not happen
  • The potential pain you may experience
  • What you are supposed to be doing when the time comes
  • Making the wrong choices for you and your baby

Does this leave you feeling...




Under pressure


As a certified KGHypnobirthing teacher and clinical hypnotherapist, I have helped many parents let go of their fears and anxieties around birth and enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest!

- Cécile

Cecile Jacquot, hypnotherapist in Athlone and Oranmore, Ireland

How I help

Women have been giving birth for millions of years. Throughout that time evolution has turned their bodies into a wonderfully efficient system for pregnancy and childbirth. A natural cocktail of hormones not only transforms the mother's body to welcome the baby, it also ensures the birth will go easily and efficiently. It is a perfectly designed and natural process.

As always, things get more complicated when the mind decides to get involved. For many women, the excitement of pregnancy is often combined with a feeling of anxiety and sometimes fear around childbirth. This is when Hypnobirthing comes into play.

Hypnobirthing is a holistic program that is soundly based on medical knowledge. It relies on a powerful combination of practical information, logic and relaxation techniques. Hypnobirthing helps mothers let go of any tension they may feel around birth, allowing them to enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest, and work confidently with their body and their baby when the time comes

Apply for a four session course:


1. Learn


2. Practice


3. Implement


4. Thrive

I did some work with Cecile to manage my anxiety around childbirth. Her calm, relaxing voice, but also her knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, helped me change the way I was looking at the whole experience. She is a beautiful person, so full of positivity and kindness. Thanks Cecile for everything


Hypnobirthing with Cecile Jacquot at Catalyst Hypnotherapy

How you will feel 

  • More in control of your experience
  • Empowered to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest
  • Mentally and physically prepared to give birth
  • Confident that your body and your baby will know what to do when the time comes
  • Happy to have shared that experience with your partner!
  • What will I learn in my Hypnobirthing class?
    - An understanding of how your mind and body can work together for you to give birth efficiently and comfortably. - Simple breathing, relaxation and visualisation exercises for you to practice throughout the pregnancy and rely on during childbirth. - Practical information about pregnancy and childbirth you are unlikely to be told anywhere else. - The tools to make informed decisions when it comes to the medical procedures you may be offered.
  • How is the course structured?
    This is a 10 hours course, that is either spread over 2 days (group classes), or 4 sessions (private classes). The group classes will usually be taking place over the weekend, while the private classes can be scheduled around your busy life!
  • Should my partner be there?
    Partners do not have to be there but they will be glad they are! Most partners start the course feeling a bit skeptical and leave truly enthusiastic! A Hypnobirthing partner will make for a fantastic birth partner: he/she will have the knowledge and the tools to be actively involved throughout the pregnancy and during the birth itself.
  • What about my baby?
    A Hypnobirthing baby will experience a more gentle birth. Hypnobirthing babies are often reported to be calmer and more content. They also seem to feed and sleep better.
  • When should I get started?
    There is no rule here! However, I would strongly recommend not rushing all the classes at the end of your pregnancy, as one of the main goals of the programme is to help you enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest by letting go of any tension or anxieties you may have around childbirth. Similarly, a lot of the techniques I give you do require a bit of practice so that you can use them automatically on the day ! It is like planning a big wedding: you do not want to wait until the last possible month to get everything ready!
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